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Winery Tours

Tennessee’s lush landscape allows for some pretty delicious and productive vineyards across the state. If you aren’t yet familiar with Tennessee wine, which tends to be a bit sweet, do yourself a favor and book a tour with us to our local wineries to see how the wine is made and taste for yourself. 

Tennessee has more than 40 wineries and 150 vineyards producing award-winning wines from locally grown grapes. Here are some of the best wineries to visit around Nashville.

Nashville Wineries

Featured on this tour:

  • Belle Meade

  • City Winery

  • Grinders Switch

Starting at $480

North Wineries

Featured on this tour:

  • Long Hollow Winery

  • Sumner Crest Winery

Starting at $480

East Wineries

Featured on this tour:

  • Cellar 53

  • Del Monaco Winery

Starting at $480

West Wineries

Featured on this tour:

  • Natchez Hills

  • Amber Falls

  • Keg Springs

Starting at $480

South Wineries

Featured on this tour:

  • Arrington Vineyards

  • Pickers Creek

Starting at $480

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