Nashville is not only famous for its beauty, endless taste in restaurants, and the world’s top-ranked whiskeys and bears. There is an excellent edition of museums and estates in the city. Tourists must look at this remarkable side of Nashville. If you’re visiting Nashville, Tennessee, the following locations are worth visiting. So keep reading this article till last. Moreover, you are welcome to avail of car transport service at Nashville Chauffeur INC.

Belle Meade Plantation

Belle Meade Plantation was first founded by John Harding. It was in the early 1800s. Once, there were farm operations, breeding, and thoroughbred boarding also done on this estate. This estate, Belle Meade Plantation, is also turned into a museum. Many great personalities were also welcomed, such as President Grover Cleveland and President Ulysses S. Grant.

This is a great location if you love farming and flowers. You will come across very distinct breeds of plants found in limited parts of the world. And are very rare. We offer a complete guided tour of this wonderful place. You can see the grandiose mansion, gardens, horse stables, and other interior and exterior structures. Book a sedan car transport service and discover this outstanding location.

Cheek wood Estate and Garden

This place will offer a bundle of things to you. Because you can enjoy different art effects of history. Tourists visit Cheek Wood Estate and Garden with good passion and admire it. Here you get a chance to peek into the art of the 1930s time. Take some time and stare at the unique paintings, sculptures, photographs, and sketches in the Georgian mansion.

Apart from all the art and culture that you can explore here, there is a botanical garden too. So here you get a chance to look at the American art history and the beautiful and heart-melting beauty of these gardens. There is a massive sculpture trail and 11 gardens covering an area of 55 acres. These include Literary Garden, Color Garden, Howe Rain Garden, Japanese Garden, and Dogwood Garden. Our sedan car transport company offers fully guided tours that you can book for your family and enjoy this place.

Tennessee State Museum

If you want to explore and look at the fantastic of Tennessee, the Tennessee State Museum is your destination. Our chauffeurs will drive you there, and you can enjoy a lovely time with your family there. In the museum, the permanent exhibits cover the era of the first inhabitant of the state, Andrew Jackson. And if you are looking for some exciting stuff, go on the rotating exhibits. Here you will find the chronicled World War 1, African and American style music, etc. You can enjoy an entirely free tour of this museum. It occupies three extensive floors in the James K. Polk building, located Downtown.

First Center for the Visual Arts

Here comes the real treasure for the devotees of art and music. This place features incredible work of artists from all over the globe. There is a reason why this place is the heart of many children and also adults. Here you can put your hands to some work too. There are 30 hands-on stations for sketching and painting. And the admissions for under-18s are free. It has recently featured the remarkable work of Nick Cave, a photographic work of the Civil Rights Era. This awe-inspiring museum, First Center for the Visual Arts, is in Downtown. Rent our luxury car transport service now and spend quality time with your family and friends. You can also visit other amazing places in Nashville because there is everything for everyone in Nashville, Tennessee.