Sitting on a couch in your living room, watching TV and thinking that you are enjoying your life and having fun, you are going wrong. Most people around us do not get out of their comfort zones and spend most of the time sitting on their chairs in front of their working tables and take this a great thing, but it is really not that. It is your ultimate right to travel, enjoy and admire the beauty of Nature. And Nashville is one of the amazing cities, aspiring travelers from all across the globe to visit this glamorous city.

From murals to music concerts and beautiful estates to top-notch museums, you can find everything. Hire a party coach and have a tour to the most exciting tour of Nashville’s museums and estates.

Cheekwood Estate and Gardens

If you want to explore the history of America and its different states, Cheekwood Estate and Gardens is the best one. And for all your transport services there are remarkable party coach booking services. We are taking you to this fantastic place with highly efficient transport service. It is located about eight miles southwest of downtown Nashville.

The botanical garden here is the center of attraction, not only the famous paintings, sculptures, and sketches. Tourists are greatly influenced by these Gardens. And in particular Literary garden, Dogwood Garden, Japanese Garden, Color Garden, and Howe Rain Garden are famous for their scenic, colorful look. The most astonishing thing about these 11 gardens is that their trail is spread on 55 acres of total. Come up with your photography skills and capture magnificent sculptures in the 1930s Georgian mansion.

Belle Meade Plantation

Want to visit a place where you can learn about different plant breeding and boarding techniques? Belle Meade Plantation is for you. Confirm party coach booking from our website and have this full information loaded tour with your friends. It was founded a long time ago, in the 1800s. Earlier it was a state, and then it got transformed into a museum.

This was also visited by President Ulysses S. Grant and President  Grover Cleveland. Their visit to this place makes it more special, and people love to take fully guided tours. So it is not right to hold yourself back and not visit this mind-blowing place. As it features the great opportunity to learn about unique techniques in a comprehensive way.

Tennessee State Museum

To visit Tennessee’s State Museum, you do not need to travel much. Only a few miles from Downtown Nashville, you are good to go. One can visit Tennessee’s State Museum in the James K. Polk building Downtown. The museum is on three floors of the building. So you can imagine that you can explore a bunch of things here.

This museum is extensively visited by schools and is a part of numerous educational tours in Nashville, Tennessee. The museum features several interesting topics for the students. And they study history with great zeal and zest. Covering the states’ first inhabitants, the Andrew Jackson Era, African American Music. World War 1 and New South. So there is no chance that you get short of history and influencing topics here.


Party coach booking in Nashville is available at our transport service-providing website. Grab the service of full-fledged transportation and tour guide. We promise full level enjoyment on your tour to Nashville’s estates and museums. Hurry and call us now to confirm your booking. This tour will provide a massive opportunity to get through history with a very focused eye. Also, you can enjoy the glories of this city with your family and friends.